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When families find the courage to open up and ask for help, we are there.

We are at your side.

Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options (JAFCO) is a non-profit organization established in South Florida in 1992 to serve abused and neglected children. JAFCO was created to fill an unmet need within the Jewish community and as a Jewish organization it is our privilege and pleasure to care for any child in need regardless of race, color, national origin, or religious affiliation.

In April of 2014 we opened our first expansion office, serving the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey communities. This office offers family strengthening support services, supervised visitation, and support groups for siblings and parents of children with special needs.

We are proud to be bringing our two decades of private foster care, adoption, and family strengthening experience to FamilyMatters. Our goal is to use our expertise in child welfare to work in collaboration with existing local agencies to provide an immediate, comprehensive, and cost-free response to a family in crisis while creating an additional safety net for children who are at risk of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does FamilyMatters do?

• Strengthen and empower families to address and overcome challenges that are impacting the family’s level of functioning

• Provide highly individualized and intensive support to families who are experiencing overwhelming challenges

• Guide and Support families through difficult transitions such as divorce, death, illness, or incarceration

• Improve access to services by helping families navigate systems, linking them to needed resources and advocating for their needs

• Coordinate the family’s care by collaborating with all involved providers

• Offer 24-hour availability and support to families in times of crisis


Where are the services provided?

Currently serving the Greater Philadelphia community (Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware Counties) and Southern New Jersey.

What services does FamilyMatters provide?

We serve families facing: 

• Raising children with special needs including autism and other developmental disabilities 

• A parent or child has a mental health diagnosis 

• A parent or family member is struggling with addiction 

• Complicated divorce or custody matters 

• At-risk or current involvement with Child Protective Services 

• Grandparents or relatives who are caring for a child on a permanent or temporary basis 

• Single parenting 

• Any important family matter impacting the safety of your family.

In-home services to address Family Functioning/Behavior Matters:
Create individualized family plans to improve overall level of functioning

• Teach parenting skills and discipline techniques

• Create safety plans to decrease risk factors

• Facilitate family meetings

• Assist with home organization

• Link to therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or any other needed services

Improving access to services/Navigating the system:
Assist with making appointments

• Accompany families to appointments

• Assist with paperwork and applications

• Advocate for discounted services

• Coordinate and collaborate with other providers to ensure continuity of care

School Matters:
Advocate for the child’s needs in school

• Accompany parents to IEP meeting

• Help parents navigate the school system

• Link to educational advocates

• Transition planning

• Assistance with school placement

Financial Matters:
Apply for grants for services

• Secure scholarships for camp or other services

• Job support/resume building

• School and supplies/clothing assistance

Legal Matters (Custody, Family Court, Guardianship):
Link to lawyers

• Advocate in court

• Accompany to court hearings

Who does FamilyMatters serve?

Families who have a child under the age of 18 living in the home. The parent/relative caregiver must be the legal guardian of that child in order to consent to services. FamilyMatters proudly serves all children and families regardless of race, religion, or nation of origin.

We serve families dealing with one or more of the following challenges:

• Families raising children with special needs including autism and other developmental disabilities

• Families in which a parent or child has a mental health diagnosis

• Families in which a parent or family member is struggling with addiction

• Families dealing with complicated divorce or custody issues

 Families who are at-risk or currently involved with Child Protective Service

• Grandparents or relatives who are caring for a child on a permanent or temporary basis

• Single parenting

How is FamilyMatters unique?

• Free services regardless of income or insurance 

• Immediate response: intakes are scheduled within 24 hours of initial call 

• After initial intake, all services are provided in the client’s home for convenience and accessibility 

• Can provide services for as long as necessary and as often as necessary 

• Highly intensive and personalized support based on each family’s unique needs 

• Master’s level clinicians

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Meet the Team

Our Staff

Jill A. Lapensohn

Executive Director
Main: 610-525-1040
Direct: 484-385-0726
Cell: 610-957-8308

Rebecca Salus Hodge, MSW

Director of Grants & Partnerships
Main: 610-525-1040
Direct: 484-385-0725
Cell: 610-737-0604

Ellie Ettman, LPC

Director of Clinical Services
Main: 610-525-1040
Direct: 484-385-0727
Cell: 610-215-3535

Robin Raskin

Events Manager
Main: 610-525-1040
Direct: 484-385-0728
Cell: 267-379-3818

Kayla Jasper, MSW, LSW

Clinical Team Leader
Main: 610-525-1040
Direct: 484-385-0729
Cell: 610-223-2235

Angel Benjamin, MS

Family Support Specialist
Main: 610-525-1040
Direct: 484-698-8294
Cell: 610-772-1085

Bethany Goodge

Office Manager/Development Assistant
Main: 610-525-1040

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Linda Brodie


Mark Taplinger

Vice President & Treasurer

Michael Simon


Marc Abrams

Board Trustee

Rana Bell

Board Trustee

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Board Trustee

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Board Trustee

Amy Chipetz

Board Trustee

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Board Trustee

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Board Trustee

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Board Trustee

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Board Trustee

Professional Affiliations, Licensure and Partners

The Jewish Disability Inclusion Consortium of Greater Philadelphia Philadelphia Jewish Domestic Violence Resource Consortium

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