Family Strengthening

Provides highly individualized and intensive support to families who are experiencing overwhelming challenges.

  • Our Master’s Level social workers offer an immediate response to families, scheduling intakes within 24 hours of receiving a referral.
  • After completing the initial intake, all services are offered in the family’s home for convenience and accessibility.
  • Each family receives a personalized plan based on their unique needs.
  • Our social workers can work with families as often and as long as necessary without restriction or limitation.
  • This program targets families who have children living in the home. The parent/relative must be the legal guardian of the child to consent to services.
  • We proudly serve families regardless of their race, color, national origin, or religious affiliation.

We serve families:

  • with a parent or child with a mental health diagnosis
  • with a child with special needs
  • facing complicated divorce or custody issues
  • with grandparents or relatives caring for a child
  • at-risk or currently involved with Child Protective Services
  • with a single parent
  • with a parent or family member struggling with addiction

We support families in the following ways:

  • Guiding families through difficult transitions
  • Improving access to services by linking families to needed services and resources
  • Navigating complex systems to ensure a child’s needs are met
  • Advocating for family’s needs in school and court settings
  • Accompanying families to appointments and assisting with complicated paperwork
  • Coordinating care by collaborating with all involved providers
  • Increasing safety in the home through parenting support and planning
  • 24-hour availability to active participants to address crises

For more information please contact us at 610-525-1040 or

Supervised Visitation

Scheduled, monitored visits between a child and a non-custodial parent or family member.

We provide a safe and structured environment and ensure that all guidelines set by the court or referring agency are followed. Each visit is supervised by a master’s level social worker in the safe environment of our FamilyMatters office, at an hourly rate with a sliding scale available. Reports can be provided to the court upon request.

For more information please contact us at 610-525-1040 or

SibShops™: The Sibling Support Program

A safe space for siblings of children with developmental disabilities to talk about their feelings.

This group offers opportunities for typical siblings to gain support and meet new friends in a safe and fun environment. Through group activities, children are able to understand more about disabilities and learn how they can have a more meaningful relationship with their sibling.

For more information please contact us at 610-525-1040 or

Parent and Relative Caregiver Program

An opportunity for parents and relative caregivers to share their feelings, fears, and experiences.

A place to feel less alone and less isolated. A wide range of topics are discussed, and resources are shared. Connect with others, connect with yourself and connect with your community.

For more information please contact us at 610-525-1040 or