Circle of Hope

FamilyMatters Capital Campaign

The Circle of Hope has been created to provide life-changing services to children with developmental disabilities and their families, right here in our community.

Circle of Hope members care for all the children we serve with developmental disabilities, promise to love and protect them, and ensure they have everything they need to enjoy a wonderful life filled with every opportunity. With your pledge, you are assisting us not only to care for these children, but to provide essential support groups for their families and typical siblings.

Members of the Circle of Hope make a ten-year pledge totaling $18,000 and receive a specially commissioned 14K gold pin featuring the branches of the JAFCO Tree of Life lovingly encircling a caregiver joyfully pushing her child on a swing. As a Circle of Hope member, we hope you will treasure your pin as an heirloom, knowing that your gift is truly making a difference in the lives of many children and families for years to come.

The Circle of Hope for Life
Donors who pledge to donate $1,800 a year as long as they are able receive two candle holders specially commissioned exclusively for JAFCO by artist Yaacov Heller.

Recommitted Circle of Hope
Donors making a second pledge of a minimum of $18,000 payable in one payment or over the next ten years receive one candle holder specially commissioned exclusively for JAFCO by artist Yaacov Heller.

Meet our Circle of Hope Members

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