The Godparent Circle

FamilyMatters Capital Campaign

To be asked to be the Godparent for a child is one of the greatest honors in life.

JAFCO FamilyMatters Godparents spiritually “adopt” abused, neglected and at-risk children to ensure that they have everything they need. As a Godparent you welcome the children to experience both the beauty of the world and of Judaism. The Godparent Circle has been created to ensure that each child will have a wonderful life filled with every opportunity that all children should have.

The Godparent Circle
Godparents make a commitment to support the children with a gift of $18,000 payable in one payment or $1,800 a year for ten years. Two special 14K gold pins have been created for our Godparents featuring the JAFCO logo which symbolizes our mission — a child swinging joyously on the Tree of Life. Since it is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift, you can become a Godparent at any time of the year and it would be our honor to pin you at one of our events. Your name will join our Wall of Honor at the Jewish Children’s Village and at the FamilyMatters site.

Godparents for Life
Our Godparents for Life donors pledge to donate $1,800 a year as long as they are able. This commitment offers the children of JAFCO FamilyMatters even greater security for their future. They receive two specially commissioned candle holders created exclusively for JAFCO by artist Yaacov Heller as a gift from the children.

Recommitted Godparents
Our Recommitted Godparents commit to raise another generation of children by making a second pledge of a minimum of $18,000 payable in one payment or over the next ten years. They receive a specially commissioned candle holder created exclusively for JAFCO by artist Yaacov Heller as a token of our appreciation.

Meet our Godparents

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